Huijbregts Groep processes powder ingredients for the food industry. Naturally, quality and food safety are very important, which is why we have created special departments that are responsible for both. Our QA and QC departments work together to make sure that the relevant quality standards are met and that Huijbregts Groep is able to guarantee customers a high-quality product.


The QA (Quality Assurance) Department safeguards the quality of processes and products throughout Huijbregts Groep. This department is responsible for the quality management system, internal audits and for supervising external audits. It also verifies and validates the quality system, production techniques and production processes. The QA Department keeps the organisation on its toes as it were, because of which we are always improving.


The QA Department works with a large number of other departments in Huijbregts Groep. For example, our business school assesses our employees’ work, making it even easier for us to guarantee a high level of quality. The Quality Control Department is responsible for product quality, which it does by checking whether products meet predetermined quality standards.




As already mentioned above, the QC Department focuses primarily on product quality. Huijbregts Groep has its own, extensive laboratory in which quality is tested. This laboratory consists of a general lab, microbiological lab and a chemical lab. Employees in this department focus primarily on identifying possible faults or hazards in incoming raw materials and outgoing mixes. 


Huijbregts Groep operates a 100% entry-exit check system. Samples of all of the various raw materials and finished products are analysed in our own laboratory, using an NIR-Scan (Near Infrared), amongst other things, making it possible to create a fingerprint of the product, as it were. This is used to check the organic composition of a product, which is then compared with a previous sample of the product in question from our database. This method facilitates a number of checks, including a check to ascertain any deviations in a raw material.


The QC Department is responsible for line monitoring too. During the production process, the QC Department takes samples, which it uses to check whether the production process is in line with the quality requirements of Huijbregts Groep.  These checks make it possible to identify and resolve any discrepancies at an early stage.