Huijbregts Groep has a large operational department under which various other departments fall. Together, they ensure that production runs as it should do and that we are able to honour our production commitment to customers. This is the responsibility of the Production, Logistics and Facility Management departments. 

The Production Department is the beating heart of Huijbregts Groep. This is where powder ingredients are mixed and packed in line with customers’ wishes and requirements. In this department, powder ingredients are poured into large mixers. Each mixer is able to mix up to 1,500 kilograms of powder ingredients! Once the mix has been mixed thoroughly, it is packed in line with the customer’s wishes and requirements. This is where our colleagues from the Logistics Department come in. 

They make sure that their colleagues in the Production Department are able to do their work. They do this by making sure that incoming raw materials are prepared and taken to the appropriate production department. Once the raw materials have been mixed and packed, our logistics employees have them stored in one of our warehouses or arrange for them to be transported to the customer.

The raw materials in question - powder ingredients - are intended for use in the food industry, because of which hygiene and a clean working environment are vital. The Facility Management Department at Huijbregts Groep is one of the departments responsible for this, because of which it is involved in every part of the process in place at Huijbregts Groep. Its responsibilities include keeping offices, canteens, production and logistics areas and machines and the site clean. It also makes certain that every employee has clean work clothing every day, that lockers are cleaned and that everyone is served in the canteen. In short, it’s a diverse department with a wide range of duties. However, this department can only do its varied work well if it is able to liaise effectively with other departments. The entire process will then run smoothly too.

The operational departments are, of course, supported by a number of staff departments. For example, the Operations Manager, plant managers and team leaders instruct employees, so that everyone knows what is to be done. Added to this, the Supply Chain Department works hard every day to keep the process running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The Supply Chain Department is the result of the merger of a number of departments: Order Processing, Planning and part of the Purchasing Department. Supply Chain is all about ‘integral chain management’. Its object is for all of the parties in the chain to work together to give customers the best service possible and keep joint costs as low as possible. So, to summarise, this department ensures that goods flow through the factory, from the incoming order up to delivery to the customer, as efficiently and cheaply as possible. The situation is much like a train that needs to reach its destination on time, but has to pass through a number of other stations first and avoid too many diversions and waiting times.