Huijbregts Groep believes that people are an organisation’s most important assets!

The HRM Department is responsible for the welfare of everyone who works for Huijbregts. Whether they are employees or work placement students, we want everyone to be able to enjoy their work and be able to count on good working conditions. It’s also important to us for people to be adequately challenged by the work they do and have helpful colleagues on whom they can rely. Throughout your career at Huijbregts, you will benefit from the guidance of one of our HR employees. This starts during the application and induction process and later includes help with any development issues, performance, absenteeism and when seeking a new challenge within (and sometimes outside) the organisation. Other examples of HR assistance include the administrative personnel process, salaries and long-service celebrations, etc. That’s the entire HRM package!

To ensure that we get the very best out of our people, we opened our own business school in 2002; it has no fewer than three company trainers. You can contact any of them to arrange Dutch language lessons or training to become a Process Operator (MBO (senior secondary vocational education) levels 2, 3 and 4). Their role also involves a work floor element, where they guide employees on the work to be done, and the delivery of internal training courses on safety, food safety and hygiene. They do everything they can to put you in a position to achieve your full potential!