The Sales Department is positioned at the start of the entire process at Huijbregts Groep. This makes it the first point of contact for both current and potential customers. The department consists of both an office sales and field sales team. Together, they ensure that the wishes of (potential) customers are translated into an optimal service.

If customers are interested in placing their business with Huijbregts Groep, they will contact one of our sales representatives. Customers’ needs and requirements are always key, because of which the Sales Department discusses and identifies both with (potential) customers. For example, customers have a say on how raw materials are purchased, from which supplier, how the product is to be packed and the maximum package weight.

The agreements made are translated, internally, into the most optimal process possible, facilitating the provision of a fast and reliable service. Short lines of communication with customers and good internal communication are very important too. For example, it must always be possible to liaise with the Purchasing, Planning and Operations departments. Detailed administrative records are kept, because of which we are able to guarantee customers full openness and transparency. Customers always know where they stand with Huijbregts Groep.