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At Huijbregts Groep, we blend powders for the food industry. It is likely that today you have eaten something that Huijbregts Groep worked on. Many foods contain powders such as flavors, scents and colors. Would you like to play a role in our production or logistics? Visit our factory via the virtual tour! Based on your qualities we can determine together which workplace is the best match with you. Take a look at your future workplace.

Visit our factory via the virtual tour! On the basis of your qualities we can determine together which workplace suits you best. Take a look at your future workplace.

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Due to the growth that Huijbregts Groep is experiencing, we are regularly looking for enthusiastic employees.

World Class Blending

Huijbregts Groep blends powder ingredients for the food industry. In the 85 years since our inception, we have elevated this process to such a high standard, that Huijbregts belongs among the global leaders.

Priorities such as customer focus, flexibility and process efficiency have allowed us to distinguish ourselves in terms of innovation, process engineering and automation. And we’re proud of it!

That pride is visible in our employees. We work hard, but a sense of humour on the shop floor is a must. We are friendly, the atmosphere is informal and we treat one another with respect. The Huijbregts Groep is also a social employer that considers the individual and gives employees the care they deserve.  

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Adri van Vroenhoven

In 2016, I was given the opportunity to start at the Huijbregts Groep as Helpdesk System Administrator, recording and coordinating maintenance and repair works.
I really enjoy each day working at this family business. I'm enthusiastic and find it satisfying to implement technical innovations together with my colleagues, and to administrate and create solutions for failures.

Michiel van Teijlingen

My name is Michiel van Teijlingen. Together with 3 colleagues, we arrange all purchasing matters at Huijbregts Groep. I started as a buyer 12 years ago and I still like it. Our raw materials come from all over the world and are often harvest dependent. This means many things can go wrong and one of our tasks is to identify this at an early stage and to ensure the purchasing process runs as smoothly as possible. But of course our main task remains negotiating and recording the agreements made in contracts. Every day poses a different challenge and that’s what makes it so exciting!

A. Arslan

Hello, I’ve been working at Huijbregts Groep for 27 years. I started as a production employee. I’m glad I work at Huijbregts Groep because you have the opportunity to develop here. I’ve followed a course and I’m now a team leader. I enjoy working for a family business because everyone knows each other. I also like my job because I have nice colleagues! Everyone is enthusiastic and helpful. 

Desiree Jorissen

I’m Desiree and in 2017, I started at Huijbregts Groep as an agency worker. This suited both me and my team leader so much that they offered me a permanent contract after nine months, which I’m very happy with, of course. I work on the reach truck every day and make sure the shuttle track takes the pallets with powders to their destination. It’s hard work, but I like this! 

Ruud Bellemakers

I’ve been working at Huijbregts Groep as a business teacher since 2012. A very versatile position in which I’m not only involved in education, but also with the development and quality of employee and company. A nice interaction that sees me work with various departments. Transferring knowledge and guiding students in their development gives me the greatest motivation to enjoy going to work every day. I also like the informal atmosphere in the company.

Internships and projects

Are you looking for an educational internship that offers you insight into a large, family business? Why not register for an internship or project at the Huijbregts Groep! 

We are regularly on the lookout for motivated interns for our various company departments.  Unsure whether your area of study is a fit for the work Huijbregts does? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can explore the options together.