Just like any other company, Huijbregts Groep has a Finance & Control Department. It ensures that Huijbregts Groep pays all of its invoices on time and that customers receive and pay invoices promptly too. But that’s not all it does. The Finance & Control Department also works with the personnel administration to guarantee that each employee will always receive his/her salary on the date agreed. That’s reassuring!

The Finance & Control Department is responsible for promptly providing the management information required too. This puts management in a position to make any adjustments required on time, so that the results achieved by Huijbregts Groep stay at the level envisaged. The Finance & Control Department also makes certain that Huijbregts Groep does not take any unnecessary risks when entering into business transactions.

The Finance & Control Department provides support in relation to tax-related and legal issues as well.