Perhaps you’ve already come across Huijbregts Groep before at some point, on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn? This is one of the many responsibilities of the Communications Department. It ensures that all communications reflect the company as it is. For example, social media communications, creating and maintaining the website and coming up with and organising events and trade fairs.

The Communications Department produces external communications and also coordinates internal communications. We are responsible for the digital newsletter, the production of newspapers and supplements for employees and for organising meetings for employees. All of the various target groups - both internal and external - receive the communications most appropriate for them.

The Communications Department is also responsible for how Huijbregts Groep is perceived by others. As a communications officer, you are the first contact that anyone from outside the company will have with Huijbregts Groep. We like to make sure that all contacts, whether by telephone, e-mail or at the reception, receive a warm and hospitable welcome.

But that’s not all! The Communications Department also manages the e-mail and agenda of the management board of the Huijbregts Groep. If you are employed in the Communications Department, your responsibilities will include the director’s office too. With so many different duties, there’s always something to do and you’ll find your role a very varied one!